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Wade Alters Consulting is a boutique course publishing house helping YouTube Creators Create, Launch, and Sell industry-leading online courses

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Your Partner On The Path To Creating A Highly Successful Online Course

Creating an online course is a lot of work.
It’s even harder when you’re selling it on YouTube!

Creators have a deeper connection with their audience,
and if you try to sell too hard, it turns fans away.
But if you don't sell at all, well that's no good either.

Here’s how we can help you build a course that speaks
directly to your audience, and “sells itself” without the hype:

Step 1: Audience Insights

We start by conducting in-depth market research to discover your Unique Course Angle – Helping you create a course that speaks directly to your audience and “sells itself” without the hype.


Step 2: Course Creation

Next, we’ll help you create a course curriculum that truly transforms your customers lives – As our team builds out your professionally designed course members area on a website you own.


Step 3: Marketing Materials

Then, our team of world-class marketers and designers will build a high converting “sales funnel” with sales pages, video scripts, and emails that maximize revenue without the hype or sales gimmicks.


Step 4: Launch Strategy

Next, we’ll help you launch your course on YouTube in a way that’s consistent with your brand – Using “expiring launch bonuses” to increase urgency and guarantee a successful course launch.


Step 5: Automate & Scale

Finally, we’ll automate the entire sales process with cutting edge marketing and advertising strategies to grow your audience and increase sales (Even when you’re not posting on YouTube!)


Meet Our Partners

“One thing I’ve learned over the years is marketing your courses is just as important as the creation because you won’t get many customers if you can’t convince them of the value of your course.

Fortunately for me, Wade is a marketing wiz which took the pressure off my hands so I could focus more of my efforts on the creation aspect.

What I like most about working with Wade and his team is we are in complete collaboration starting from the course building process all the way through to the course launch, marketing, and advertising.

Having a strategic partner I can trust helps take my ideas to a completely new level, and now we’re on track to grow the business to heights I never thought were possible.”

Mike Greenfield
Creator of Pro Home Cooks

“I wanted to roll out an online course and had tried it myself for over 9 months to deliver on my dream.

After interviewing several agencies to help me, I chose Alters House because they offered more than just an online course.

They helped us hit a home run with our course, Consistently Keto!

Wade’s assistance with workflow and improved efficiencies made my decision to work with him truly a win-win partnership.”

Annette Bosworth M.D.
Creator of Dr. Boz

“I’ve always wanted to create a course on music production, and Wade and his team really helped me execute my vision.

The best part is they did it in a way that was genuine to me and my brand!

Whether its marketing, sales pages, or advertising, they excel in so many aspects that are essential to launching a successful course online.

If they reach out to you, do not hesitate to work with them, it has developed my career exponentially!”

Simon Servida
Creator of Servida Music

“Wade and his team know what they’re doing when it comes to launching six-figure courses with YouTube!

What I like most about Alters House is they don’t use manipulative tactics like a lot of online marketing people do.

Instead they focus on how to make your message clearer and present more value to your audience.

They’ve been instrumental in my sales process and helping me with everything it takes to launch and release my online courses.”

Tim Schmoyer
Creator of Video Creators

Selling On YouTube Is Different

With over 9 years of experience selling courses online, we know that selling on YouTube is different.

Creators have a much stronger connection with their audience, and if you try to sell too hard, it turns fans away. But if you don't sell at all, well that's no good either.

Which is why we focus on in-depth market research, building a course that speaks directly to your audience and “sells itself” without the hype.

No need for sneaky marketing tactics or fake scarcity gimmicks, instead you’ll have a best in class, transformational course with rave reviews and a scalable sales process you can be proud of.

Helping you...

Impact Your Audience On A Much Higher Level

It’s rare for any single YouTube video to change someone’s life, but it happens daily with our customers.

The best part is, when you create a course that has the ability to transform your customer’s lives, it’s actually easier to sell! (When you know how to market it effectively)

Which is what we’re all about here at Alters House Publishing: Helping YouTube creators amplify their impact by selling transformational online courses with authentic marketing and sales.

So if you’re a passionate, successful YouTube creator, and you’re looking to work with us…

Get Started Creating Your Online Course

Because of our intimate approach to business, we are highly selective with who we work with and only partner with Creators we believe can create a best in class course.

If you’d like to work with us, please tell us a bit about your channel and why you’d like to create a course, and we’ll get back to you shortly to set up a call if you’re a good fit.

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Meet The Founder Wade Alters

Wade Alters is a “Retired YouTube Creator” who from 2012 – 2014 sold over $2.8 Million in online courses through his YouTube channel teaching dating advice and self improvement.

After multiple clients asked him to help launch their own courses online, in 2018 he transitioned into full service copywriting and course publishing for YouTube Creators.

Within a few short years he has now partnered with some of the top YouTube Creators in their niches, and personally overseen 20+ successful course launches with clients.

Currently residing in Santa Monica, California with his girlfriend of 8 years, he spends most of his time reading esoteric copywriting and persuasion books, and snowboarding in the winter.